About Wednesday Beers

Wednesday Beers is a simple beer blog brought to you by Rob Edwards and Dave Canham, two friends from the West Midlands, England.

As the British beer industry continues to boom, our objective is to shout out honestly about the beers, bars, brewers and events that we are most excited about, sharing our experiences both as a collective and as individuals.

Why Wednesday Beers?

When we first discussed starting a blog, we wasted a fair amount of time throwing around ideas involving hops and some horrific ale related puns, but after a while the one name that we all agreed on was Wednesday Beers. This comes from one of Rob’s traditions where he likes to give himself a pat on the back midweek by enjoying a beer or two.

Rob Edwards


Rob lives in Walsall, West Midlands and works for a small digital marketing company, writing about just about anything that isn’t beer. Alongside his day job, Rob also works for UK Brewery Tours, providing beer tasting tours and microbrewery experiences in Birmingham.

Aside from beer, he loves eating, cooking, music, rugby and hiking. Rob aspires to be the third Hairy Biker.

Will spend too much money on Gueuze after a few IPAs

Email: rob@wednesdaybeers.co.uk

Twitter: @rob_edwards90

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Dave Canham

Wednesday Beers Dave
Resident nerd and gamer, if it’s not a beer in Dave’s hands, it’s a controller. Day to day he can be found working as a digital marketer for an alternative finance company and is currently based in Moseley. Other than beer and gaming, Dave enjoys running, exploring the Peaks and Jeff Goldblum.

May be argumentative about the number of strong Belgian beers that he has consumed

Email: dave@wednesdaybeers.co.uk

Twitter: @dave_canham

Instagram: @dave_canham