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Wednesday Beers

This has been a long time coming. We first talked about the idea of setting up a joint blog to talk about our beery experiences as far back as May 2015. Then in November 2015, our ambitions were given a new sense of life when after spending an afternoon in the company of Beer Writer Matthew Curtis, founder of Total Ales. Matthew was giving a talk at BrewDog Birmingham, discussing why people choose to blog about beer, sharing some of his own experiences, as well as running through some of the elements that are worth the time and effort to make a blog worth reading.

We left our local BrewDog bar feeling inspired and surprisingly optimistic for Sunday afternoon in November, ready to put our plans into action and join the budding network of British beer bloggers and writers. Then, let’s be honest, a lot of weird stuff happened in our personal lives, the United Kingdom and the world in general.

It’s now 2017, the Tories are still in government, we still haven’t got a clue what the actual plan for leaving the EU is and there’s an orange bloke with small hands posting a lot of worrying statements on Twitter. The good news is, the beer world is even more exciting now than it was back a couple of years ago when we first thought about sharing our beer-based opinions. We’ve drank a lot more beers, seen many new bars open in the West Midlands, and done a fair bit of traveling between us.

We’re excited to welcome you to Wednesday Beers. We’ve got a lot to talk about and look forward to sharing our stories with you.

Rob, Dave and Luke

Rob Edwards

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